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Friday, May 20, 2005

Feeding on RSS that ye know not of

Blogging is a whole new Internet world for many of us. I have been actively using the Internet for many years, but I didn't start visiting any blogs until just a few weeks ago. Soon after that, I started this blog because I have a passion that English speakers might be able to read Bibles which are written in their mother tongue, their heart language (there are several, but, sadly, there are also quite a few which are not).

In any case, I assume that many of you who visit this blog do not know about RSS feeds from blogs. And it's OK if you don't. (RSS feeds are a way of keeping up with new posts on blogs you are interested in, in case you're curious.)

For those of you who wish to keep up with changes on this blog, those who understand RSS feeds can do so with the feed buttons in the right margin. For the rest of you, I'll put the following tool at the bottom of the right margin. You can put your email address in the little white box then click on the "OK" button. You may also want to click on the link about privacy to assure yourself that you won't be spammed by putting in your email address.

The update tool will look something like this (hopefully, much better):

Receive notifications of blog updates

it's private

powered by

Actually, you should be able to use the update tool here, as well as at the bottom of the right margin of this blog page.


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