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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

ESV contest winners

Winners have been selected for the contest which the ESV team ran during the time that interviews with the ESV Translation Oversight Committee were posted on the ESV blog (click on the title to this post) and Adrian Warnock's blog. Congratulations to each of the winners, some of whom have put comments on this blog, also, which we appreciate. The ESV folks decided to give six of their beautiful leather-bound Bibles to the winners.

Alas, the prizes for my blog contests are not leather-bound, but I hope they are still appreciated. I have heard from my first prize winner, Michael Sly, who told me that his prize Bible edition arrived safely.

Now for those of you who entered the ESV's ESV contest (not a typo there!) as well as those who didn't, heads up, because I will be having an ESV contest, also, before too long. It will be a reward for past work. The ESV team believes in grace: they randomly chose their contest winners from comments about their interviews. I believe in works! Not!! Well, now that I said it, I must confess that there is some truth to it and I have been working (hmm, what is that word?!) to recover from workaholism. I was raised by a father who never explicitly told us that work was next to godliness, but he set a high example of a hard-working man, and he taught and expected each of his three sons to work hard as well, and we each have. Seriously, sometimes I find it easier to "work" for God than to just accept his grace and luxuriate in it. But I'm growing in this area, hopefully more grace-fully!



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