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Friday, July 15, 2005

Introducing guest bloggers

I have been blogging since April of this year. I have been getting a dose of reality about blogging. One bit of reality is that it requires regular and interesting posts to maintain a blog which we desire to be of good quality. I've tried my best to post good quality blogs, in a timely fashion. But I'm also very busy with our own Bible translation program. And I have noticed that blogs which have more than one blogger create special interest for blog visitors, since each blogger has a unique outlook and way of writing.

In any case, over the years that I have helped facilitate discussion on the Internet about Bible translation, it has been a really great privilege to get to know others who are dedicated to quality Bible translation. I have asked some of them if they would be willing to blog as guests sometimes on this blog. I am happy to report that two of them have graciously accepted my invitation. Their names and links to their websites can now be found right below my Profile in the right margin of this blog. I hope that we can add other guest bloggers to the list for the Better Bibles Blog also.

I'll briefly introduce these two men and then they can tell more about themselves when they guest blog.

Trevor Jenkins is British. I've noticed how popular Adrian Warnock's blog is. I know I would never win a blog race with Adrian. But Trevor is a very sharp thinking Brit, a fellow countryman to Adrian, so I'm hoping that Trevor's dialect and British spelling, as well as his good thoughts about Bible translation, will draw even more visitors to this blog. The goal really is not more visitors, but, rather involving more and more people in thinking about how to improve Bible translations. Trevor has a special interest in Bible translation which he will blog about sometimes, I'm sure. I hope so, anyway!

Dan Sindlinger has been a Bible translator co-worker of ours. Dan helped translate first for a tribal group in Africa, and then for a Native American group in the U.S. Today he applies what he learned from those experiences and further study to translation of a very unique English translation. I am looking forward to Dan telling us about insights he has learned while working on his English translation.

Welcome, Trevor and Dan!


At Fri Jul 15, 05:27:00 PM, Anonymous rich shields said...

Wayne, this is very good news. I have thoroughly enjoyed your questions and insights, as well as your willingness to learn and share. But it is wise to recognize the tremendous burden that daily blogging can become, and then act upon that wisdom!

I have enjoyed Trevor's posts over the years on the translation list, and I think he is a great addition to the blog. I am not as familiar with Dan and his work, but look forward to reading from someone whom you recommend.

All-in-all, a hearty "Well done!" for the past work, and the future direction. Blessings!


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