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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Podcasting oral Bibles followup

After our last post, Tim Bulkely has informed me that they will be podcasting the CEV, with permission of the copyright holder. This is good, since the CEV was specifically produced to be an oral translation. During the translation process, CEV translators would read the translation to each other, checking to see if it sounded good and fit the characteristics of oral language (as opposed to written language). The CEV is not a perfect translation--none is--but it is probablythe best translation today for communicating God's Word in oral media. In our post-literate world, may God bless these podcasting efforts to reach people with his revealed Word, people who prefer to hear things rather than read them.

For more information on the CEV and how it was produced, visit links for the CEV from the section on Bible versions in the right margin of this blog.


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