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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The literary artistry of Judges 4

Rob Bradshaw of the Biblical Studies blog points us to a new upload to his online archives, an article titled "The Bee and the Mountain Goat: A Literary Reading of Judges 4," by John H. Stek.

Dr. Stek, who happens to be the current chairman of the CBT (Committee on Bible Translation) which produced the TNIV is right in attempting to describe the literary artistry of a passage of the Bible. There are many beautiful passages in the Bible. Better Bibles should attempt to communicate that literary beauty through translation. It is often not easy to do so, especially if one is dealing with poetry, but the attempt is worth it.

BTW, the importance of reproducing the literary artistry of the biblical texts is something about which Dr. Leland Ryken, a professor of English at Wheaton College and literary chairman of the ESV, would agree with Dr. Stek, even though the two differ on their assessment of the quality of the NIV and TNIV.

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