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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Justin Taylor Deletes my Request

Justin Taylor has deleted my comment on his blog, where I address a request to Wayne Grudem to retract the Statement of Concern.

Justin Taylor has not responded to my private email.

Update: I would like to interact with Grudem and Poythress' discussion of the Greek personal pronoun but it is not possible. They mention the Greek pronoun 5 times, usually in the footnotes and give the English translation for autos as 'he, him, his' even though a Greek dictionary devotes several pages to its definition.

If this link works for you, you will see that for the pronoun autos, meaning II, is 'he, she, it'. That is what is in the dictionary.

It is simply not possible for me to review The TNIV and the Gender Neutral Bible Controversy without saying that the authors do not fairly represent the definition of autos.

This book devotes 100 pages to the English pronoun 'he' and makes this the mark of a 'trustworthy' Bible.


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