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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Best Bibles in their best editions

Dr. Comninos used to subscribe to our email Bible Translation discussion list. He is outspoken about his preferences and opinions about English Bibles. Click here to read his ideas about English Bibles, posted on

Although I often disagree with Dr. Comninos I usually find that his comments are based on some kind of reality from his own experience. He has done his homework. He seems not to speak primarily from ideology.

I find these comments from his list interesting:
The REB has more literary polish than most modern Bibles.
NEB: Far too accurate for public acceptance, this Bible is as startling now as it was when first printed.

TEV/GNT: Can someone explain to me why people saw a need to publish meaning for meaning translations after the Good News? Much better than the CEV, Living, New Living, etc. Suprisingly brilliant in the Psalms.

NRSV HCSB (HarperCollins Study Bible): Study Bibles are more common these days tha[n] air. This is the best one in print because its editors are smarter than all of the others put together. Brilliant analysis of obscure texts.
"its editors are smarter than all of the others put together", well, I wonder if that is a statement of fact or opinion?! :-)

Some of you may enjoy reading Dr. Comninos' comments.


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