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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Good News Translation reviewed

Don't miss another of Rick Mansfield's interesting reviews of his top 10 favorite English Bible versions. This last week he posted his review of the Good News Translation. As usual, Rick puts himself into his review in a way that draws me in, wanting me to read more. I admit I'm a bit prejudiced: The GNT was one of the first English versions I read that really made sense to me. It spoke my dialect of English. It is the pulpit Bible of the church my wife and I attended for the past 30 years. Our children grew up on the GNT and memorized Scripture from it.

Today I happen to prefer the CEV, American Bible Society's successor to the Good News Bible (but not a revision of it), because as a Bible translator myself, the CEV attempts to word even more of the Hebrew and Greek language forms in their natural English translation equivalents than did the Good News Bible. And when I can hear Scripture worded naturally as I normally speak and write, it communicates more accurately and clearly to me. But there are still some passages where careful Bible students can prefer GNT wordings over CEV wordings. As always, each Bible version needs to be evaluated on a verse-by-verse basis, for the most thorough examination of translation quality.

Thanks, Rick, for another helpful review.


At Tue Nov 21, 04:40:00 AM, Blogger John said...

Wayne, thanks for directing this our way, I have linked to it at Scotwise.

Be encouraged.


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