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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


A few more people have passed on the "thinking blogger" meme. Chris Heard of Higgaion mentions us here. I am glad to have this opportunity to link a series of his which I particularly enjoyed.

WECSOR Hebrew Bible I
WECSOR Hebrew Bible II
WECSOR Hebrew Bible III

Darrell Pursiful of Dr. Platyus mentions us here. Darrell also wrote So, Which One Is Masculine? It sounds like a more relaxed spinoff from some of my grammatical gender posts.

Sansblogue linked to us here. I enjoyed this post and the lecture he links to, I am listening to it as I write and I highly recommend it. Den of a Martyrologist has made us the delightful blog of the month.

I am enjoying this meme as it makes us aware of who is reading what, not just who is commenting where.

Here are my picks, five sites with some of my favourite posts on each.

1. This Lamp with Rick, Bible Translation Awareness Survey Results; guest blogger Larry, OUP A Comparative Psalter; and the Bible Version Cage Matches , here and here, where Rick and either Larry or Dave (Lingamish) mix it up. Better than Hockey Night in Canada.

2. Ancient Hebrew for Poetry Compare and Understand: The Use of Translations in the Study of Biblical Literature: Isaiah 1:2-3 as a Test Case

3. Euangelion and Michael Bird's book.

4. 42 David Warnock - okay so I love Dave's site because he likes to keep track of who is saying what about me in the blogosphere.

5. Word Alone for ASV (1901): symbolic of America's historic spirit of independence and for living somewhere near me.


At Wed May 16, 09:52:00 AM, Blogger R. Mansfield said...

Thanks for the mention.

Hey, I wonder if the Darrell Pursiful you mention is the SAME Darrell Pursiful who taught me elementary Greek in the summer of 1992 at SBTS?

He was a great teacher, creating his own handouts--which was a lot more dificult in that day. I think he used the old DOS-based Parsons Greek Tools. I still have his notes and have even used them in teaching others. He was also very approachable, often having lunch with us students during our midday break (the summer Greek classes go all day). I've often wondered where he ended up.

And now it's kind of full circles because I'll be teaching Greek at SBTS this Fall.

At Wed May 16, 11:52:00 AM, Blogger D. P. said...

Hey, Rick! Yes, that would be me. Good to "see" you again!

And Suzanne: Thanks for the linkage--and for your good work here. You all are very close to my definition of "Thinking Bloggers."

At Sun May 20, 08:50:00 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

Thanks for the mention Suzanne. Your appreciation for it gives me motivation to continue blogging on something that others might also find interesting. I will try to keep up on reading your future articles, which I find very interesting and insightful, even while I may be away. :-)


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