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Monday, June 11, 2007

Around the blogosphere

Wayne is away right now and I am too busy to do justice to what I want to write about so here is a glance at what I am reading.

Mike Bird writes about something funny he would like to see at SBL next year. Amen, Mike.
    I give a paper at the Christian Origins seminar under the pseudonymn Vladamir Luedemann (Joseph Stalin Professor of Biblical Studies at University of Wisconsin) and tout the superiority of the feminist, marxist, atheist, secular, eco, eskimo, and post-colonialist approach to biblical studies and insist that everyone else is a pseudo-scholar.
Except if I did this it wouldn't be a joke.

Ivob writes on a more serious note about books to buy during Jewish 'publishers book week. And Peter writes about forgiveness. Therefore, I forgive Mike Bird for making fun of my aspirations. Chris and Metacatholic respond to John's posts about the canon.


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