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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

English Bible Version Generator

Now this is a tool that we’ve been needing for a long time. Eddie Arthur, a Bible translator based in the UK has come up with this amazing tool for producing names for Bible translations: The English Bible Version Generator. Just think how handy that is! We’ve got the AV and the ASV and the RSV and the NRSV and the ISV and the ESV. I kid you not! So the field is getting rather crowded. But thanks to Eddie’s tool you have 320 possible names for your very own personal Bible translation!

I think I’m going to call my version the “Inspired Dynamic Study Testament” or IDST. Now that I have a name all I have to do is translate the Bible. But I just need to make this clear from the start: the IDST will have no Apocrypha. And I’m going to translate the entire Bible into Haiku poetry using The Message as my source text…

Try out The English Bible Version Generator at

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At Wed Jul 30, 07:41:00 AM, Blogger Dannii said...

I've thought for a while that the Monosyllabic Bible would be a sure winner.

At Wed Jul 30, 08:54:00 AM, Blogger David Ker said...

Dagnabit, somebody beat me to it:

Bible Haikus

At Wed Jul 30, 02:22:00 PM, Blogger Dru said...

I was feeling a bit guilty. In a moment of irritation I referred recently (Denominations and Bible Versions) to the 'Our New Bible' as the "Not Another Version". With more thought afterwards, I felt I had been particularly inappropriate making this comment on a Blog committed to Better Bibles - and it is a translation that appears to be going to include the Apocrypha - definitely a + point. It's the one substantial criticism I have of the NIV that it has never added it.

However, after reading Kouya Chronicle and the challenging reminder that there are still 2000 languages to go - and yet we are still producing yet more versions in English many of which hardly differ at all - I feel much less guilty.

I rather regret though that one would have to reshuffle words between columns to produce some of the most 'promising' titles. How about
"God's Authentic Inspired Version".

Or really confusing:-
"Revised Literal Dynamic Study Bible".

I really like the idea of the Monosyllabic Bible.

At Wed Jul 30, 05:29:00 PM, Blogger Mike Sangrey said...

OK, here's a game for you.

Compose a title of a Bible translation where the title is made up of only monosyllabic words, and the title itself refers to a monosyllabic translation.

Hint: First put both feet behind your neck. Don't forget to cross your toes.

At Wed Jul 30, 07:28:00 PM, Blogger David Ker said...

Zen God Poem?!?

At Thu Jul 31, 12:19:00 AM, Blogger Dannii said...

God's Word in Sole Sound Words!


As an interesting exercise, try explaining some of the more complicated doctrines in monosyllabic words. It's hard, but it's a straightforward way to get rid of the Biblish.

At Sat Aug 02, 06:01:00 AM, Blogger Peter said...

Have you read "The bible in fifty words", which is in various places on the net (e.g. Not monosyllabic, but certainly concise!

At Sun Aug 03, 06:22:00 PM, Blogger scott gray said...

in monosyllables, 'jesus' becomes 'you know who?' 'that guy we like?' 'god made man?'

'mary' becomes 'the mom of the guy we like?'

and 'moses'...

i see some problems here.

At Mon Aug 04, 09:03:00 AM, Blogger Peter Kirk said...

Scott, how about "Jeez", "Mare" and "Mo"?


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