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Friday, November 03, 2006

TNIV or NRSV cont.

I recently posted on the TNIV or NRSV linking to Chris Heard's post More TNIV Woes. Since then there have been some good comments on my post and Chris's.

The discussion was then picked up by Dr. Mariottini who wrote Isaiah 7:14 and the TNIV Reconsidered in response to comments by Peter on Chris's post. If you are interested in this issue, I would recommend that you read the three posts mentionned.


At Sat Nov 04, 09:35:00 AM, Blogger Christopher Heard said...

For what it's worth, Peter was quite correct on the grammar of Isa 7:14, and I make some really stupid mistakes. See Claude's post for a much better analysis.

At Sat Nov 04, 10:03:00 AM, Blogger Suzanne McCarthy said...

Hi Chris,

Last night I discovered a really stupid error that I made myself several weeks ago. However, since no one else has commented on it yet, I am going to be coy and not point it out.

At Sat Nov 04, 03:19:00 PM, Blogger Peter Kirk said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement, Christopher. I'm sure if you look carefully you'll find some really stupid mistakes that I have made myself.


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