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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Free Bibles: clearance

This weekend I made my wife happy and culled many books which I no longer needed from our library. We recently moved and with things now being reorganized from three different locations, we are recognizing that we need to downsize. It is time for an after-Christmas clearance "sale." I now have several boxes of books ready to be picked early Tuesday morning by a local charity. But I thought I'd give you all a chance to ask for any of the books first. There are a number of different English Bible versions, most in very good condition (some are like new). There are also some inspirational Christian or theology books and linguistics books and journals.

There is no charge for any of the books. I only ask that my shipping charges be reimbursed. You are doing us a favor to take these books: I would rather that they go to people that I know want them than that they sit somewhere on used book shelves, with an uncertain future. I don't want to clutter up this blog with the list of all the books available, but you can click here if you wish to read the list. The list is not complete, but I don't have time to catalog all the books. There are some good family books by Dr. James Dobson. There are books by Hal Lindsey, and other prophecy books. If you are not familiar with a book, I suggest that you try to look it up on or elsewhere to learn about it. I'm sorry but I don't have time to explain the contents of the books. If you want one or more books, send me an email message ASAP and no later than tomorrow (Monday) night 9 pm Pacific Time (midnight EST; earlier for those of you in the U.K.) when we set the boxes outside for the charity to pick up. Send your request for specific book(s) to my email address, wayneleman at I think you know how to convert that anti-spam format to a real address. Please do not post your requests here on this blog.

First come, first served for these books. The date-stamp on email messages will determine who gets a book if more than one person wants it.


At Sun Jan 01, 08:56:00 PM, Blogger exegete77 said...

Wayne, it might make your wife happy to get rid of books. But if I added even one more to my collection my wife would not be happy. LOL

Of course, I don't think I will show her your post either - she might think it an excellent idea for me!

Rich Shields

At Sun Jan 01, 09:14:00 PM, Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Ah, yes, Rich, our libraries! Just think, I now see some empty spaces on our bookshelves. I wonder what can fill them?!!

At Mon Jan 02, 11:36:00 AM, Blogger Tim said...

Don't give the Hal Lindsay books away, Wayne - burn them!!!


Tim Chesterton

At Mon Jan 02, 12:06:00 PM, Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Don't give the Hal Lindsay books away, Wayne - burn them!!!

I know what you're saying, Tim. At one point in my life I took them seriously. I hesitated even including them on my list. I want to be clear, tho, that I respect those who like those kinds of books. They are just not my cup of tea anymore.

At Mon Jan 02, 04:37:00 PM, Blogger Peter Kirk said...

There is at least one more book on the list that I felt tempted to suggest that Wayne burns. Perhaps people can guess which one, but I won't confirm any guesses here. But I don't believe in burning books, except perhaps for really evil occult ones, not just ones teaching heresy which is what I believe about this book. I did ask Wayne to send the book to me so that at least it wouldn't be available in charity shops - and because I would like a printed copy for reference (although I have it online). But I find I can buy it second hand in the UK for less than it would cost Wayne to send it. Well, that's a good sign, perhaps, that people don't think it's worth keeping.

At Tue Jan 03, 11:38:00 AM, Blogger Tim said...

I want to make clear, for any who might be under a misunderstanding which is entirely my own fault, that my suggestion that Wayne burn a book was a humorous suggestion and not intended to be taken seriously.

Tim C.


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