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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lindisfarne Gospels: 12

a poetic reconstruction of luke 23:54 - luke 24:6
in the old english gloss

and the day was preparation
and the sun day lightened
and the wives following
came from galilee with him
saw the burial place
and how positioned was his human likeness
and coming back
they readied the herbs/sweet stench and ointment

and sun day they were
according to the commandment

first of sun day in early dawn
they came to the burial place
carrying the sweet stench they had readied
and found the stone
rolled back from the burial place
and entering did not find
the human likeness of lord healer

and it happened
that their thoughts were confused
that behold there were two men
standing by/near them in shining clothes
and they were endreaded
and bent their outlook to the earth

and they said to them

why do you seek the living with the dead
is not here but arisen

remember how spoken it was to you
while you were still in galilee



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